About Guidance for the Medical Evaluation of Public Safety Employees

ACOEM’s guidance is for medical providers who are evaluating public safety employees (such as law enforcement officers, correctional officers, firefighters, EMS personnel) and candidates in order to make medical qualification recommendations.

The purpose of this guidance is to promote the health and safety of public safety employees while ensuring their ability to protect civilian life and property and perform the essential functions of their occupations.

This guidance addresses the nexus between medical conditions and the ability or inability to perform public safety job functions. It is intended to assist medical providers in making individualized medical assessments of the public safety employee’s ability to: 1) perform essential public safety job functions; and 2) perform these functions safely.

The medical provider’s role is to recommend to the management of the public safety agency which job functions the public safety employee can or cannot safely and effectively perform. The agency is responsible for making placement or retention decisions.

The types and levels of services provided to the jurisdiction by the public safety agency determine the job functions of the employees. Medical requirements for candidates and current employees shall correspond to the essential job functions as determined by the agency.



The Task Group and chapter panels are made up of members of ACOEM’s Public Safety Medicine Section* and stakeholder representatives from other organizations. Each member of the Task Group serves indefinitely to allow for continuity in the development process.

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