Amputations & Prosthetics

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Author: James Hill III, MD, MPH, FACOEM

Publication date: 2014


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The well-managed and well-motivated person with certain amputations may be capable of safe and effective job performance as a law enforcement officer (LEO). However, amputations may affect the LEO’s ability to safely and effectively perform a number of law enforcement job functions (see Appendix A for a discussion of the effect of amputations and prosthetics on LEO job performance/functions). For the purposes of this chapter, “amputation” refers to all forms of limb deficits, whether congenital or due to an amputation done for whatever reason.

All LEOs who have had an amputation or have a congenital limb deficit should have a full medical evaluation to address any underlying or associated disease process that led to the decision to perform an amputation or that caused the deficit. The underlying condition should be evaluated with reference to the relevant section(s) in these guidelines.

This document is intended to assist the police physician in performing an individualized assessment of the LEO with amputation or other limb deficits.