Prosthesis-Related Issues

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Prosthesis-Related Issues

Prosthesis Function
LEOs using a prosthesis should be required to monitor the condition of their prosthesis.

LEOs using a prosthetic should report to their supervisor if they are experiencing any malfunction in the prosthesis that might affect their ability to safely and effectively perform expected job functions just as any other officer should report conditions that might adversely affect their ability to safely and effectively perform job functions.

Prosthesis Socket Fit
The ability of the LEO using a prosthesis to perform the essential law enforcement job junctions should be assessed only AFTER the LEO has been fit for and is using his or her definitive prosthesis.

Service/Prosthesis Function
LEOs using prostheses should be required to follow recommended service plans as put forth by the manufacturer, their treating prosthetist, or national professional organizations. The creation of a service plan should take into consideration the LEO’s job functions. Records of such services and any repairs should be provided in a timely manner to the police physician for review.

Any service for breakage or mechanical failures should be accompanied by a full report from the servicing agency as to likely cause and actions taken or recommended to minimize the risk of future acute failure.

Any change in prosthesis from the one used for clearance to duty should mandate re-evaluation.