sec_arr Introduction

Author: Fabrice Czarnecki, MD, MPH, MA, FACOEM, FAAFP, FIAIME

Publication year: 2011



Due to the legal issues associated with pregnancy and employment (see Legal Framework below), this chapter is intended to serve as guidance for the police physician in advising the pregnant law enforcement officer (LEO) of the risks associated with performing essential job functions, and to enable her in decision-making. This has been summarized in an informational handout developed by the ACOEM Task Group for the pregnant LEO (see Appendix A).

The majority of pregnant LEOs will be able to continue to work throughout pregnancy, with some accommodations. A point will likely come during the pregnancy when the physical changes to the body of the pregnant LEO will impair her ability to perform some of the essential job tasks, and appropriate restrictions will need to be offered.