Pulmonary Disorders: COPD

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On-going Monitoring of LEOs with COPD

COPD is a chronic, usually progressive, pulmonary disease in which progression might be variable between persons and over time in an individual. As such, it is imperative to regularly monitor persons with this disorder for potential impairment of ability to safely and effectively perform essential law enforcement job functions. Based on recommendations of the American Thoracic Society et al. and the GOLD Initiative the consensus of this ACOEM LEO Task Group is that monitoring of LEOs follow a similar schedule (see Table 6).

Table 6: ACOEM LEO Medical Guidance Task Group Recommended COPD Follow-up Schedule



Moderate COPD

Every 6 months

Severe COPD

Every 3 months

Very Severe COPD*

Every 3 months

*Addressed only for LEOs on restricted duty, but assigned to safety sensitive sedentary activities where the risk of cognitive impairment may represent a concern for safe and effective performance of assigned job functions.

Additionally, LEOs with COPD should undergo medical evaluation and, possibly, repeat physical job task challenge following exacerbations involving hospitalization or changes in medication regimens.