Appendix F: Job Task Simulation Test


The following tasks may be used as part of the job task simulation test while wearing essential LEO equipment (duty belt, ammunition, body armor, handgun with holster, radio, electronic control device, baton, uniform to include appropriate footwear, handcuffs, flashlight, and other equipment required by the agency):

  1. Defensive tactics training
  2. Running
  3. Squatting
  4. Jumping
  5. Going up and down multiple flights of stairs
  6. Climbing (to simulate climbing a fence)
  7. Lifting heavy objects
  8. Operating a motor vehicle under emergency conditions
  9. Firearms qualification with issued firearms

The above list is not all inclusive. The essential job functions specific to the agency should guide what tasks are used in the Job Task Simulation Test and would be at the discretion of the police physician.