LEOs with fibromyalgia can be cleared for full duty if they meet the following criteria:

  • No current history of pain, fatigue, sleep disturbances or cognitive impairment that would interfere with the safe and effective performance of the LEO essential job functions (see chapter on essential job functions and job description provided by the agency).
  • No disqualifying adverse effect(s) from treatment or medication(s) (see chapter on medications).
  • No comorbidities (see Appendix C) requiring restrictions as defined in the appropriate chapters.
  • Baseline evaluation by a doctoral-level mental health provider who is acceptable to the agency’s medical provider and who understands the functions and demands of police work to evaluate for cognitive impairment and mental illness.*

If the LEO meets the above criteria, a job task simulation test (see Appendix F) should be performed. If the LEO does not meet the above criteria or fails the job task simulation test, they should be restricted, referred to their treating provider, and re-evaluated after treatment.

*This evaluation is based on the high prevalence of mental health comorbidities in persons with fibromyalgia. This evaluation should include neuropsychological screening.