Infectious Diseases

sec_arr Pink Eye

Adenovirus (Viral Conjunctivitis, aka Pink Eye)

General Description: Adenovirus is viral infection that causes a potentially debilitating inflammation of the conjunctiva (the clear layer of cells covering the eyeball). It can cause itching, tearing, pain, light sensitivity, and temporary deterioration in visual acuity. The infection generally resolves without any specific treatment.

Mode of Transmission: Person-to-person or contact with inanimate objects.

Efficiency of Transmission/Attack Rate: Outbreaks have occurred at first-aid stations where minor eye injuries are managed; infection is spread by contaminated fingers and/or instruments.

Period of Communicability: While the patient is symptomatic – up to 2 weeks.

Effect on LEO Fitness for Duty: Deterioration of visual acuity and light sensitivity.

LEO-specific Clinical Studies and Reports: None known.