Infectious Diseases

sec_arr Cutaneous Fungal Infections

Ringworm of the Foot (aka, Athletes Foot), Body, or Groin

General Description: Fungal infection of the superficial layers of the skin that can cause a scaly, crusting, red rash or a heaped up eruption or hair loss. Cracks in skin associated with infection can predispose to secondary bacterial infections.

Mode of Transmission: Person-to-person contact, contact with infected dogs and cats, contaminated inanimate objects.

Efficiency of Transmission/Attack Rate: Related to hygiene and/or intensity of contact with infected individuals or inanimate objects.

Period of Communicability: Fungal particles and fomites can remain infectious for long periods of time.

Effect on LEO Fitness for Duty: Itchy rash may be distracting.

LEO-specific Clinical Studies and Reports: None known.