Infectious Disease

sec_arr Appendix C: Exposure or Condition Associated with Pathogens Causing Diarrhea

Exposure or Condition Associated with Pathogens Causing Diarrhea45


  • Foodborne outbreaks in hotels, cruise ships, resorts, restaurants, catered events
  • Consumption of unpasteurized milk or dairy products
  • Consumption of fruits or unpasteurized fruit juices, vegetables, leafy greens, sprouts
  • Consumption of raw shellfish

Types of Exposure or Contact

  • Swimming in or drinking untreated fresh water
  • Swimming in recreational water facility with treated water
  • Healthcare, long-term care, prison exposure, or employment
  • Recent antimicrobial therapy
  • Travel to resource-challenged countries
  • Exposure to house pets with diarrhea
  • Exposure to pig feces in certain parts of the world
  • Contact with young poultry or reptiles
  • Visiting a farm or petting zoo

Predisposing Conditions

  • Age group
  • Underlying immunocompromising condition
  • Hemachromatosis or hemaglobinopathy
  • AIDS, immunosuppressive therapies
  • Anal-genital, oral-anal, or digital-anal contact