Infectious Disease

sec_arr Appendix D: Period of Communicability


Norovirus: From onset of symptoms to at least 3 days after recovery; some up to 2 weeks. Norovirus responsible for around 60% of all cases where a pathogen can be found.

Rotavirus: Although typically seen in pediatric population, infections seen in parents of index cases. Shed in stool beginning 2 days before onset of diarrhea and up to 10 days after onset of symptoms. Now a vaccine-preventable disease with reduction in disease burden in the U.S

E.coli (STEC): Duration of excretion is usually a week or less in adults.

Salmonella sp.(non-typhi): May be found in stool for several weeks after clinical symptoms resolve.

Campylobacter: May be found in stool for 2-3 weeks after clinical symptoms resolve.

Clostridium difficile: Asymptomatic carriers outnumber patients with CDI at a ratio as high as 7 to 1.

Shigella sp.: Usually no more than 4 weeks but shedding of the bacteria in the stool has been reported to last for months after recovery.