Infectious Diseases

sec_arr Mumps


General Description: Mumps is a vaccine-preventable viral illness that features fever and swollen, tender salivary glands. One-sided inflammation of the testicle (orchitis) occurs in 20 to 30% of males beyond the age of puberty. Other complications, including pancreatitis or meningitis, rarely occur. Mumps infection may have no symptoms or mild symptoms. However, two large outbreaks of mumps have been reported in highly vaccinated populations in large community settings with prolonged close contact in school classrooms. The effectiveness of the mumps component of the MMR vaccine is believed to be less than that of the measles and rubella components.

Mode of Transmission: Respiratory droplet spread or contact with salivary secretions.

Efficiency of Transmission/Attack Rate: In unimmunized populations, most persons have had mumps infection before age 15.

Period of Communicability: Two days before onset of swollen parotid until 7 days after onset of parotid swelling.

Effect on LEO Fitness for Duty: Orchitis, painful swelling of the testicle, is a frequent complication of mumps occurring in post-pubertal males, and could limit pursuit and arrest, and prevent donning of uniform, vest, and other equipment.

LEO-specific Clinical Studies and Reports: None known.